2023 Virginia High School Football Rankings

Virginia high school football is known for its competitiveness and the level of talent it produces. As the 2023 season approaches, football enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the Virginia high school football rankings. These rankings serve as a valuable resource for fans, coaches, and players alike, providing insights into the top teams in the state. In this article, we will explore the upcoming 2023 Virginia high school football rankings and shed light on the teams to watch out for.

The Importance of Rankings

Rankings play a significant role in the world of sports, and high school football is no exception. They provide a snapshot of each team’s performance and give an indication of their standing within the state. Coaches and players often use these rankings as motivation to improve and strive for excellence. Additionally, fans rely on these rankings to determine which games to attend and to gauge the level of competition in upcoming matchups.

Factors Considered in Rankings

The process of ranking high school football teams involves careful evaluation and consideration of various factors. While different ranking systems may have their own methodologies, several common elements are typically taken into account. These factors include a team’s win-loss record, strength of schedule, quality of opponents, performance in previous seasons, and the level of talent on the roster.

Top Teams to Watch Out For

  1. Fairfax High School: With a strong roster and a history of success, Fairfax High School is poised to make a statement in the 2023 season. Led by their talented quarterback and a solid defense, they have consistently showcased their skills on the field.
  2. Richmond High School: Richmond High School has gained recognition as a powerhouse in high school football. Their disciplined gameplay and exceptional coaching staff have propelled them to the top of the rankings in previous years. Expect them to maintain their dominance in the 2023 season.
  3. Norfolk High School: Norfolk High School has been a consistent contender in Virginia high school football. With a balanced offense and a stingy defense, they have the potential to disrupt the rankings and challenge the top teams.
  4. Virginia Beach High School: Known for their explosive offense and speedy playmakers, Virginia Beach High School is a team to keep an eye on. Their ability to score quickly and efficiently has garnered attention from both fans and ranking systems alike.


As the 2023 Virginia high school football season approaches, excitement builds around the release of the rankings. These rankings provide valuable insights into the top teams in the state and serve as a motivational tool for players and coaches. Keep an eye on Fairfax High School, Richmond High School, Norfolk High School, and Virginia Beach High School as they aim to leave their mark on the upcoming season. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, these rankings offer a glimpse into the future of Virginia high school football.

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