2023 South Dakota High School Football Rankings

As the 2023 high school football season approaches, fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the release of the South Dakota high school football rankings. These rankings provide valuable insights into the performance and standing of the teams across the state. In this article, we will dive into the latest rankings and explore what they mean for the upcoming season.

Understanding the Rankings

The South Dakota high school football rankings are compiled by a panel of knowledgeable experts who closely follow the performance of the teams throughout the season. These rankings take various factors into account, including win-loss records, strength of schedule, and overall team performance. It is important to note that the rankings are subjective and can change as the season progresses.

Top Contenders for 2023

  1. Rapid City Central High School: With a strong roster and a history of success, Rapid City Central High School is expected to be a top contender in the 2023 season. Their skillful players and excellent coaching staff make them a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Sioux Falls Lincoln High School: Known for their disciplined gameplay and strategic approach, Sioux Falls Lincoln High School consistently ranks among the best teams in the state. Their talented squad and experienced coaching staff make them a formidable opponent.
  3. Aberdeen Central High School: Aberdeen Central High School has been steadily improving over the years and is expected to continue their upward trajectory in the 2023 season. With a dedicated team and strong leadership, they have the potential to make a significant impact.
  4. Brookings High School: Brookings High School has consistently been a strong contender in South Dakota high school football. With their skilled players and effective strategies, they are poised to make a mark in the upcoming season.
  5. Harrisburg High School: Harrisburg High School has shown great promise in recent years and is anticipated to continue their strong performance in 2023. With their talented athletes and determined coaching staff, they are a team to watch out for.

Rising Stars to Watch

Apart from the top-ranked teams, there are also individual players who have shown great potential and are expected to rise to prominence in the 2023 season. Keep an eye out for these rising stars:

  1. Jackson Thompson (Sioux Falls Lincoln High School): Thompson is a talented quarterback who exhibits exceptional leadership skills on the field. His precise passes and ability to read the game make him a valuable asset to his team.
  2. Ethan Roberts (Rapid City Central High School): Roberts is a versatile player who excels in multiple positions. Whether it’s as a wide receiver or a defensive back, he consistently delivers outstanding performances.
  3. Olivia Johnson (Brookings High School): As one of the few female players in South Dakota high school football, Johnson has proven her skill and resilience. Her speed and agility make her a formidable opponent.


The 2023 South Dakota high school football rankings provide us with a glimpse into the upcoming season and the teams that are expected to dominate the field. While rankings may change as the season progresses, these initial rankings give us an idea of the top contenders and rising stars to watch out for. Football fans across the state can look forward to an exciting and competitive season ahead.

Disclaimer: The rankings mentioned in this article are based on the information available at the time of writing and are subject to change.

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