2023 North Dakota High School Football Rankings

The North Dakota high school football scene is abuzz with anticipation as the 2023 season approaches. Fans, players, and coaches alike are eager to see which teams will rise to the top and make a name for themselves on the gridiron. In this article, we will delve into the highly anticipated 2023 North Dakota High School Football Rankings, showcasing the teams to watch and the potential powerhouses that could dominate the field.

Top Contenders

1. Fargo South High School

Fargo South High School is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in North Dakota high school football. Known for their exceptional coaching staff and talented players, the Bruins have consistently delivered stellar performances on the field. With a strong lineup of returning athletes and a promising recruitment class, Fargo South is expected to maintain their dominant position in the 2023 rankings.

2. Bismarck High School

Bismarck High School has a rich football tradition and is synonymous with excellence in the sport. The Demons have a proven track record of success, boasting multiple state championships under their belt. Led by a dedicated coaching staff, Bismarck High School is known for their disciplined gameplay and strategic approach. It comes as no surprise that they are considered one of the top contenders for the 2023 season.

3. Century High School

Century High School has been steadily making a name for themselves in recent years. With a growing reputation for producing exceptional talent, the Patriots pose a significant threat to their opponents. Coached by a highly skilled and experienced staff, Century High School’s team is known for their tenacity and perseverance. As they continue to develop their program, they are likely to climb even higher in the 2023 rankings.

Rising Stars

1. West Fargo High School

West Fargo High School is a rising star in North Dakota high school football. With a group of talented underclassmen showcasing their skills on the field, the Packers are on the verge of breaking through to achieve greater success. Under the guidance of their dedicated coaching staff, West Fargo High School has the potential to surprise their opponents and make a significant impact in the 2023 season.

2. Minot High School

Minot High School is an up-and-coming team that is steadily gaining recognition in the North Dakota football scene. With a strong emphasis on player development and a focus on fundamentals, the Magicians have shown impressive growth in recent years. Their hard work and determination may very well propel them to new heights in the 2023 rankings.


As the 2023 North Dakota high school football season approaches, anticipation and excitement fill the air. Teams like Fargo South High School, Bismarck High School, and Century High School are expected to continue their dominance, while rising stars like West Fargo High School and Minot High School have the potential to surprise and make waves in the rankings. With dedicated coaching staff, talented players, and a passion for the game, North Dakota high school football promises to deliver an exhilarating season for all fans and players involved. Get ready to witness the fierce competition and remarkable performances that will undoubtedly make the 2023 season one to remember.

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