2023 Massachusetts High School Football Rankings

As the anticipation builds up for the 2023 Massachusetts high school football season, fans and players alike are eager to see how their favorite teams stack up against the competition. In this article, we will explore the latest rankings for Massachusetts high school football, providing valuable insights into the top teams to watch out for this upcoming season.

Division A Rankings

1. St. Xavier High School

St. Xavier High School has consistently dominated the Massachusetts high school football scene, and this year is no exception. With their stellar performances and exceptional coaching staff, St. Xavier High School sits comfortably at the top of the Division A rankings. Their strong offense, combined with a solid defense, makes them a force to be reckoned with.

2. Central High School

Central High School has been making waves in recent years, climbing up the ranks and establishing themselves as a formidable team. Led by their talented quarterback and a disciplined defense, Central High School secures the second spot in the Division A rankings. Their agility and strategic gameplay have gained them a loyal fan base and high hopes for the upcoming season.

3. Eastside High School

Eastside High School has shown tremendous improvement over the years, earning them a place in the top three of the Division A rankings. Their strong teamwork and dedication to success have propelled them forward, and they are expected to continue their upward trajectory this season. With their impressive offense and a solid defensive lineup, Eastside High School is a team to watch out for.

Division B Rankings

1. Westwood High School

Westwood High School has proven their mettle time and again, securing the top spot in the Division B rankings. With their exceptional coaching and a roster of talented players, Westwood High School is a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to adapt to different game situations and execute precise plays sets them apart from the competition.

2. Southside High School

Southside High School has consistently shown their prowess on the football field, earning them a well-deserved second place in the Division B rankings. Their strong defense and disciplined gameplay have made them a formidable opponent. Southside High School’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is evident in their consistent success.

3. Northville High School

Northville High School rounds up the top three in the Division B rankings. With their strong offensive line and a talented group of players, Northville High School has proven their ability to compete at a high level. Their consistent performance and strategic gameplay make them one of the teams to watch in the upcoming season.


The 2023 Massachusetts high school football season promises to be an exciting one, with fierce competition among the top teams. St. Xavier High School and Westwood High School lead the pack in Division A and Division B, respectively, showcasing their dominance and commitment to success. However, Central High School, Eastside High School, Southside High School, and Northville High School are not to be underestimated, as they too possess the skills and determination to challenge the top-ranked teams. As the season unfolds, football enthusiasts can look forward to thrilling matches and impressive performances from these talented high school teams.

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