2023 Louisiana High School Football Rankings

High school football in Louisiana is a revered tradition that brings communities together and showcases the talent and dedication of young athletes. As we look ahead to the 2023 season, it’s time to dive into the rankings and identify the teams to watch.

Top Contenders for the 2023 Season

1. St. Augustine Purple Knights

The St. Augustine Purple Knights have a long-standing reputation for excellence in high school football. With a history of success and a talented roster, they are poised to be a force in the 2023 season. Led by a skilled coaching staff and a roster full of promising athletes, the Purple Knights will undoubtedly give their opponents a run for their money.

2. Archbishop Rummel Raiders

The Archbishop Rummel Raiders are no strangers to success on the football field. With a strong program and a winning culture, they consistently produce competitive teams year after year. As the 2023 season approaches, the Raiders have their sights set on securing a top spot in the rankings. With a mix of experienced players and emerging talent, they have the potential to make a deep playoff run.

3. John Curtis Patriots

The John Curtis Patriots are known for their disciplined play and strong fundamentals. Coached by a staff that emphasizes hard work and attention to detail, the Patriots have consistently been a contender in high school football. With a roster that combines skill and athleticism, they are sure to be a team to watch in the 2023 season.

Rising Stars to Keep an Eye On

1. Walker Howard, Quarterback – St. Thomas More Cougars

Walker Howard is a rising star with immense potential. As the quarterback for the St. Thomas More Cougars, he possesses a strong arm and excellent decision-making skills. With his leadership abilities and natural talent, Howard has the potential to elevate his team to new heights in the 2023 season.

2. Kendrick Law, Running Back – Acadiana Wreckin’ Rams

Kendrick Law is a dynamic running back who has the ability to make big plays. With his speed and agility, he can quickly change direction and evade defenders. Law’s explosiveness and determination make him a valuable asset to the Acadiana Wreckin’ Rams and a player to watch in the 2023 season.


The 2023 Louisiana high school football season promises to bring excitement, fierce competition, and memorable performances. With teams like the St. Augustine Purple Knights, Archbishop Rummel Raiders, and John Curtis Patriots vying for the top spot, and rising stars like Walker Howard and Kendrick Law showcasing their skills, fans can look forward to thrilling games and unforgettable moments on the gridiron. Stay tuned as the season unfolds and these rankings evolve.

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