2023 Indiana High School Football Rankings

Indiana high school football is a revered and highly competitive sport. Each year, teams battle it out on the field to secure their place in the rankings. The 2023 season is no exception, as teams across the state are vying for recognition and glory. In this article, we will discuss the top-ranking teams in Indiana, providing you with insights into their performance and potential for the upcoming season.

Ranking Methodology

Before diving into the rankings, it’s important to understand the methodology behind them. The 2023 Indiana high school football rankings are determined based on a comprehensive evaluation of various factors. These include team performance in previous seasons, the quality of players and coaching staff, overall team strength, and recent trends in performance.

Top Teams to Watch

1. Westfield High School

Heading the rankings for the 2023 season is Westfield High School. With an impressive track record and a strong roster of talented players, Westfield is anticipated to dominate on the field this year. Led by a skilled coaching staff, they have consistently exhibited a level of excellence that sets them apart. Expect Westfield to be a formidable force in Indiana high school football.

2. Cathedral High School

Cathedral High School holds the second spot in the 2023 Indiana high school football rankings. Known for their storied history and championship-winning tradition, Cathedral has consistently produced top-tier teams. Their disciplined approach, exceptional talent, and strong coaching make them serious contenders for the state title this season.

3. Center Grove High School

Center Grove High School secures the third position in the rankings. This powerhouse team has enjoyed consistent success over the years, with multiple state championships under their belt. Known for their physicality and structured gameplay, Center Grove is expected to maintain their dominance on the field this season.

4. Carmel High School

Carmel High School is a force to be reckoned with in Indiana high school football. With a history of success and a strong program in place, Carmel consistently produces competitive teams. Known for their adaptability and strategic approach, the Greyhounds will undoubtedly make their mark during the 2023 season.

5. Brownsburg High School

Closing out the top five rankings is Brownsburg High School. This up-and-coming team has been steadily climbing the ranks in recent years, capturing attention with their exceptional talent and tenacity. With a strong foundation and promising prospects, Brownsburg is poised to make waves during the 2023 season.


As the 2023 Indiana high school football season approaches, these top-ranked teams have set the stage for an exciting and competitive year. Westfield, Cathedral, Center Grove, Carmel, and Brownsburg have all showcased their prowess on the field and are expected to continue their winning ways. Keep an eye on these teams as they battle it out for glory in the upcoming season.

Remember, rankings can change as the season progresses, so stay tuned for updates on the performances and advancements of these teams. High school football in Indiana is always full of surprises, and the 2023 season promises to be no different.

Note: The rankings mentioned in this article are based on current information and are subject to change as the season progresses.

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